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Ways to get Involved.

In Kichwa, "Yarichi Ñucanchi Yachanata" means “Remember Our Teachings.”

Become a 

Tribal Learning Center

Have you always dreamt of teaching children or adults but never gotten around to it? Perhaps you've just graduated from school and are wondering if teaching is your calling. Or maybe you're a born traveler looking to discover new parts of the world while giving back to the community. If any of those cases sounds familiar, volunteer to teach English at Sacha Wasi! It’s an excellent way to make a meaningful difference to the local community.

Support Indigenous Education 

Join the Movement

Become a Learning Center Supporter.

Your financial support will help this Kichwa tribe strengthen its indigenous education movement.

Our development team can also help you design a custom scholarship program,  or bursaries, in memoriam, or to specific areas of interest.

the Tribe

Community Campaign 

The Campaign supports the construction costs of new casitas, guest bathrooms, sustainable farming, infrastructure development and supplies for the Indigenous Cultural Space. 


Your gift, regardless of size, has a meaningful and direct impact on the community. We invite you to join us in that mission with a financial contribution.   


Support Culturally-Rooted Indigenous Education 

Your financial support will help amplify the voices of the Indigenous peoples of Sacha Wasi, as they face the great waves of change that systematically extinguish their culture and destroy their relationship with their ancestors and Mother Earth.

How can you help?

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