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Tribal Learning Center

The Tribal Learning Center is an indigenous school that creates culturally appropriate and relevant courses, producing indigenous students with knowledge and skills that are still rooted in their own Kichwa culture.

Jungle Medical Clinic

The Jungle Medicine Clinic provides quality medical care to the indigenous community, using a combination of mainstream and traditional medicine.

Shamanic Wellness

Sacha Wasi offers shamanic wellness retreats that provide guests with the opportunity to learn about the natural healing power of nature's botanicals from the jungle, while also supporting the local economy.

International Cultural Tourism

Sacha Wasi is working to develop international cultural tourism marketing strategies to showcase the beauty and unique culture of the Kichwa indigenous community, while also providing economic opportunities for the community.


Sacha Wasi is working on agroforestry projects to help indigenous farmers grow crops in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Eco-Tourism & Sustainable Agriculture

 Sacha Wasi works to promote sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism in the Amazon rainforest, showcasing the traditional farming practices of the Kichwa people.

Language Preservation

Sacha Wasi is committed to preserving the Kichwa language, which is endangered. They offer language classes for Kichwa to help visitors and volunteers learn about the local culture and communicate with the indigenous people.

Cultural Exchange

Sacha Wasi offers cultural exchange programs that allow visitors and volunteers to learn about Kichwa culture and share their own cultural experiences with the local community.

Art & Music Presevation

Sacha Wasi works to preserve traditional Kichwa art and music, and they offer workshops and classes in traditional music, art and dance to visitors and volunteers.


Rainforest Conservation

Sacha Wasi is actively engaged in efforts to conserve the Amazon rainforest and protect it from deforestation and other environmental threats.

Traditional Indigenous Medicine

Sacha Wasi is dedicated to preserving traditional Kichwa medicine practices, which rely on natural remedies found in the rainforest. They offer workshops and classes in traditional medicine to visitors and volunteers.



Preserving Kichwa Culture & Heritage


Sacha Wasi has made preserving the Kichwa culture and heritage a top priority through the documentation and recording of their spiritual and religious practices and rituals. The Kichwa have a rich tradition of shamanism, and their spiritual practices have been passed down orally from generation to generation. Recording and documenting these practices could help preserve their traditional knowledge and beliefs for future generations and ensure that their culture and heritage are not lost. This documentation could also serve as a resource for researchers and scholars interested in studying indigenous spiritual practices and traditions.



Protect the World’s Indigenous Cultures from extinction!

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