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Indigenous Education


The Sacha Wasi Heritage Foundation for Cultural Preservation is committed to safeguarding the ancient Kichwa culture of the Sacha Wasi tribe and other indigenous communities of the Amazon. In the face of the threats of modernization, globalization, and the encroachment of the oil industry, along with socio-economic challenges, the foundation stands as a beacon of hope.

Ancestral Knowledge

We ensure the continuous transmission of ancestral knowledge and worldviews that preserve shamanic spiritual practices and traditions related to nature, plant medicine, conservation, and sustainability.


The Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and cultural preservation purposes.

The Foundation engages in activities and programs aimed at empowering indigenous communities to protect their cultural heritage, beliefs, and languages, focusing on sustainable practices, education, and cultural exchange.

Educational Advocacy

We advocate for and foster an education system that values and defends indigenous traditions, countering the homogenizing forces that often marginalize indigenous knowledge and cultures;

We contribute to the development of the Sacha Wasi tribe through the creation and promotion of

social development programs;

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Indigenous Families Remaining


Family Members


Young School-Age Children 




About Sacha Wasi Tribal Learning Center 

Welcome to Sacha Wasi Tribal Learning Center, an indigenous school located in the Ecuadorian rainforests of the Amazon. Our school is specifically designed for indigenous students of all ages, with a focus on providing culturally appropriate and relevant courses. Our main objective is to empower indigenous students by equipping them with knowledge and skills that are deeply rooted in their own Kichwa culture. Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for indigenous communities through education.


Sacha Wasi Jungle Medicine Clinic 

At Sacha Wasi Jungle Medicine Clinic, we understand that mainstream health services often fail to meet the needs of indigenous communities, resulting in exclusion and marginalization.


To bridge this gap, we have established a small team of qualified and experienced general practitioners, medical staff, allied health professionals, and indigenous healers. Our team is dedicated to providing quality medical care to guests and families at Sacha Wasi, ensuring that they receive the care they need and deserve. Join us in our mission to improve access to healthcare for indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian rainforest.



As the pandemic gradually recedes, cultural-tourism-based communities such as Sacha Wasi continue to face economic struggles due to lack of funds. You can make a difference by exploring the various ways you can help!

All the Latest Updates

Here you'll find the most recent news, events, and developments at Sacha Wasi. We'll keep you informed about our latest projects, upcoming events, and community initiatives. Stay connected with us to learn about our impact on the indigenous community and how you can get involved. Be sure to check back often for our latest updates!

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Get to know our team members and learn more about their backgrounds, expertise, and personal experiences. Discover how their contributions and dedication are making a positive impact on the indigenous communities we serve. We invite you to join us in recognizing and appreciating the hard work and dedication of our incredible team at Sacha Wasi.



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